Paradigm is an art exhibition of the Wrong Biennale focused on showcasing artists on the cusp of new paradigms of art and digital media.

This website serves as an interactive gallery housing the work of the featured artists. Additionally, there are live happenings where you can check out some of the work in person.

We encourage you to engage will with the projects in this site and the new paradigms they're establishing.

The Creators


Besides the title of this exhibition, Paradigm is an arts & publishing organization whose goal is to breath life into emerging art movements. We collaborate with creatives to produce multi-geographic exhibitions. We publish digital & print publications by creatives on various topics.


Discourse is a design duo in DC focused on visual communication. Through a research based approach & experimentation, they often collaborate with artists, photographers, writers, & cultural institutions to generate conversation & action.


Have a cool project you'd like to submit? Do you have a venue you'd like to host an event at? Or are you interested in getting involved with the exhibition? Shoot us an email to get in touch.