Descent Dissent Descending (DDD)

Tony Lugo

Descent Dissent Descending (DDD) is an ongoing series of experiments using the notion of human analogs and the various points with which they and we intersect.

This exhibition will serve as a testing ground for the enacting of machine learning algorithms used to explore the visual and auditory metaphors available in reflection on agency and self-perception.

About Tony Lugo

Tony Lugo is a Baltimore based interdisciplinary artist whose practice is based on the development and implementation of generative systems. The self-designed software and emergent technologies he employs facilitate dialogues around the interchange of virtual and physical environments, agency, authorship and post-postmodern identity. Lugo’s research is rooted in the communication of primitive gestures, language, and forms through a framework predicated on indeterminable outcome. His work often manifests itself in the form of sculptural objects, sound, printed matter, video, and interactive installations.

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