Taking from her the power she could not hold

Taina Cruz

The piece Taking from her the power she could not hold is connected to Zemí.01 due to its ritualistic presence of obtaining information within a cyber platform. Both pieces act as a tool for discovering and remembrance. A way to bring past provocative emotions in the present, with a goal to channel space for healing. Zemí takes a form that represents a cultural sacred object. To the Taíno, zemí was/is an abstract symbol, a concept imbued with the power to alter circumstances and social relations. Zemí.01 erupts the current structure and acknowledges the people in power, understanding that it is simply temporarily.

About Taina Cruz

Taina Cruz (b. 1998, New York) is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher who attends college at Maryland Institute College of Art.

Taina’s practice spans sculpture, 3D animation, and painting, and explores themes of blackness, technology, and mysticism. Her work draws from neocolonialism and critical race theory, as well as indigenous wisdom, to search for new meaning, materiality, and methodologies in order to reshape the future.

Her work has been exhibited at the Rhode Island Museum of Art, Providence; The Bronx Art Space, Bronx; Re:Art Show, Brooklyn; Current Space, Baltimore, among others.

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