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Ricardo Milla

About Ricardo Milla

Ricardo Milla lives and works in Durango, Mexico.

The writer Naief Yehya has described him as an ironic and disenchanted artist, a methodical and compulsive creator. His pieces have a false simplicity that hides disturbing logical turns and a social commitment that is never Manichean or propagandist.

His work is firmly grounded in political parody and builds an intricate visual syntax loaded with references to his local context, as well as the bleak Mexican situation. Its chronolandscapes offer snapshots of a broken society, of a paranoid, frightened and paralyzed country.

His book "Ricardo Milla: 5,475 Days Later", a summary of his first 15 years as as an artist, was presented by Alberto Anaut, President of PhotoEspaña and photographer Juan de la Cruz Megias at the La Fabrica Art Gallery in Madrid. As well as by the writer Juan Pablo Villalobos and the documentary filmmaker Uxval Gochez at the Aurora Art Gallery in Barcelona.

He has participated in festivals and editorial projects with artists such as David Byrne, Carlos Monsiváis, Elena Poniatowska, the French group Saint Germain, the dancer Blanca Li and the designer Steven Heller, among others.

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